Italian SHORT funny STORIES for beginners!

Many people when they try to learn Italian (or any other language) encounter the same problem: they learned the basic grammar, they know some quite decent amount of Italian words and yet, they cannot speak! They cannot engage in a conversation with Italians! If they go to Italy it is really hard to understand what Italians are saying and so on! A very common problem! In a few words, you are STUCK!

So how to get out of here and start to understand and talk fluently?

The best way is to engage in listening to Italian talking. But it has to be something entertaining, in fact, nobody learns by listening to something boring or that does not interest them! The second thing is that you need a translation almost literal to confront the Italian version. You need an Audiobook to help you to develop the correct pronunciation, and finally, you need some vocabulary explanation for slang and other Italian expressions of common use!

I would recommend researching the author of the book you choose to get fluent: make sure he or she is an Italian Native Speaker! You cannot certainly learn the slang and the cultural way of talking for anyone who is not an authentic Italian! For how good that person can be, they will never be like a native speaker!

This is the book I would like to propose (find the FREE Audiobook at

  • Even if you don’t buy the book on Amazon for $1,99 you can still have the free audiobook at this link (scroll down when on the page):  12Stories

If you want to take a look to the book on Amazon click here: 12Stories

  • You have the FUN of the very entertaining stories
  • The English translation
  • The Vocabulary-Slang explanation at the end of every story


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